General Authority Swap Blocks

Just in time for General Conference!  Here are some swap blocks with the General Authorities  of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints.
Since it wouldn't be super fun to have them all wearing suits,  I went searching for their hobbies or careers.
Like, did you know that Elder Bednar was his high school's quarterback?  Or that Elder Hales was a fighter pilot? Most of what I used
I found here. It was actually really fun to get to know them all a little better.
Anyway, you can make these into magnets, like I did with the Book of Mormon Swap blocks, or you can make them into actual blocks:

Or, you can just print and cut.  I laminated mine because, well, boys.

Now that I've convinced you that you really, really want these, ;) you can get the 1" versions here and the 2" here.


Book of Mormon Swap Blocks

Taking some inspiration from these super cute olliblocks,  I made some Book of Mormon Swap blocks!

You can print these out and glue them to one inch blocks, but since I want to use these in Sacrament Meeting and not be super loud, I turned them into magnets!
First, download the swap blocks here.
Then just print, cut, stick to 1" magnetic tape, and cut again.
Then, to make these super portable, and as well as have a surface to play on, (You know, if you actually get to sacrament and don't sit on a metal chair ) I put them all in a cute little altoids tin. Voila! 


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Spot It Old Testament Style

A little bit ago, someone asked me to make a Spot It game for the Old Testament. So, here it is! 
It looks a little something like this:
And you can download it here. 

If you have any trouble figuring out what the pictures are, here is the glossary!

Inside Out Bookmarks

I know this is nothing like what I usually do,  but I made these bookmarks as party favors for my daughter's  birthday party. I just don't want them to go to waste! So, I figured I'd post them here.


Book of Mormon Spot It

For Christmas, we received the game Spot It.  We have not stopped playing it. It's basically a matching game,  but...more fun.
So, I decided I'd give a shot at making a Book of Mormon Spot It game.

The way you play is this: Each player gets a card. You flip one card from the main deck into the middle, and you try to find the picture on that card that matches yours. When you find it, you yell out the name of the picture and add that card to your pile. The first person to find their match, wins the card. Flip over another card from the deck into the middle and continue until you've used all the cards. Whoever has the most cards at the end wins!
Here is a "Glossary" so you know what each of the pictures is actually supposed to be. They each correspond with a scripture. 

You can download a PDF of the game here. Enjoy!

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Book of Mormon Quiet Book

So, I've never done anything very religious before,  but I've decided that's the direction I want to start heading.
Hopefully some of you can still find things you like or use. Because I am LDS, I started with the Book of Mormon,  but I will be doing other quiet books and fun things for the Old and New Testament as well.
For my LDS quiet book debut, I put together a book about people from the Book of Mormon with concise poems  to help remember their stories.
Click here to download the pdf.
Click here to download a zip full of the jpegs. I'm going to send mine to a photo center and put it in a small photo book for a nice finish.
Also, because this is a coloring blog, I have it in black and white as well :)

Don't Eat Pete!

Do you have any leftover candy from Halloween?  Even if you don't, here's an excuse to buy some more :)
Here is the classic game "Don't Eat Pete!" in true Thanksgiving fashion.
Just place a piece of candy on each turkey. Have one player leave the room.  While they are gone, the other players decided which turkey will be Pete. When the player returns, they start to eat the candy until they pick the candy sitting on Pete. Everyone yells, "Don't eat Pete!" and the round ends. Pick a new player to leave, and pick a new Pete!  Continue to play until you run out of candy, or you go into a sugar coma. Enjoy!